What to see in Moscow? Visit this city!

What to see in Moscow?
Brief history of Moscow
The history of Moscow starts with 1147. It was Yuri Dolgoruky who founded Moscow. This great city had fires some times, but again revived, like a Phoenix. There were many historical and pivotal events in the history of the world.

On arrival in Moscow, every tourist has visit some interesting places and see beautiful sights, then once again to return, as the city keeps a lot of secrets.
Places that are must see

We present a list of places that have to be visited by every self-respecting tourist to enjoy the wonderful views.
Red Square is the first in the list, a lot of people arrive in Moscow and visit this place immediately. In fact, it is a very popular place with beautiful architecture. Moscow Kremlin is also striking of its beauty. In addition, there is St. Basil"s Cathedral. Every historical place has its own intriguing rich history and some interesting secrets, which you can find out, visited this place.

Then you can go to the Arbat. The Arbat is one of the oldest streets of Moscow. This street is not empty, it is constantly full of tourists, artists who show the different performances. In addition, you can find a lot of souvenirs and paintings here and buy it. Moreover, there is a wall dedicated to the Russian musician Viktor Tsoi, the founder of the rock group Kino.
One of the most beautiful places with beautiful views in Moscow is Vorobyovy Gory. There is one of the famous universities; it is the Moscow State University. Also, any tourist can walk through the Alley scholars, visited by famous Russian poets, writers such as Tolstoy, Lermontov, Bulgakov. It is best to visit this place in the evening, then the city is full of lights and you can see the whole night Moscow.

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Sokolniki Park. This is one of the most beautiful parks of Moscow, which is striking of its size and versatility. There were the falconry hunts in this park in 16th century, so it was called because of it (rus ‘sokol’ = eng.‘falcon’). Here you can enjoy Russian nature, so a big part of area of the Park is covered by trees. There are the dance floor, café, chess club, library, rose garden in this Park.

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