Saint-Petersburg is the city you have to visit even once in your life

Saint-Petersburg is the city you have to visit even once in your life.
The city is visited by millions of tourists fr om all over the world. The secret of the popularity of Saint-Petersburg is a concentration of historical monuments and extraordinary beauty of architecture in one place.

There are a lot of places of interesting you have to visit in Saint-Petersburg. First of all, you should have a look at the Palace Square, which is the the heart of the city. The square is an unique example of combined architectural styles. Admire the Alexander Column,the picturesque Baroque Winter Palace, the building of the former Imperial Army General Staff by the Italian architect Carlo Rossi. You can spend hours walking there admiring the views and the decoration of Historic Places and you can play Vavada casino.
The second main place of interesting is St. Isaac"s Cathedral. It was built as the greatest church of the Russian Empire by the French architect Auguste Montferrand. The cathedral is luxuriously decorated with gold and semiprecious stones. There are many of ancient icons and the part of the iconostasis is created in mosaic technique. Before 2017 St. Isaac"s Cathedral was a part of the museum complex, but nowadays it is the current church and belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church. St. Isaac"s Cathedral has a huge dome which is opened for tourists to have a look at the whole city from the bird"s-eye. After climbing 300 steps to approve the dome you will see the fantastic view of the city.

Saint-Petersburg is known as a city which was built on a series of islands across the delta of the Neva River. So the next main place to see is Vasilyevsky Island. Russian king Peter the Great ordered to make the centre of the new capital on this island (before his reign the capital of Russia was situated in Moscow like nowadays). Vasilyevsky Island is one the most marvelous places of the city. It is famous not only for its historical district, but the place wh ere the greatest St. Petersburg"s Universities, Stock Exchange, the Twelve Colleges and many others are situated.

Even two weeks will not be enough to see all the sights of this beautiful city. Visit Saint-Petersburg just once and you will fall in love with it forever.

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