Places of Interest in St Petersburg. Visit this city

Places of Interest in St Petersburg
After spending some time in this city admiring its architecture, numerous drawbridges and white nights you will become really excited. Just a simple glance at the city is enough to fall madly in love with it, but if you really love Saint Petersburg and would like to look at the city fr om historical angle, I would highly recommend you to pay a visit to the following places.

Firstly, the Hermitage is a real must-see for every tourist wishing to see one of the grandest museums in all its beauty. There you can enjoy powerful masterpieces of Picasso,
Michelangelo and take a stroll in royal halls appreciating their grandeur. However, the Hermitage is really big so you can hardly see everything in one day. But you can always go on excursion to gain some general knowledge about the place.

The next place to pay attention to is the Summer garden. It is known to be the place where famous artists and poets were in the habit of walking seeking for their inspiration. And may be you will also find it? Who knows? But what we know exactly is that you can find Coffee House, Tea House, romantic sculptures and monuments there. So this place is too marvelous just to speak about it, you should visit it!
And how can you imagine your trip to Saint Petersburg without visiting the Kunstkamera? It has a really intriguing collection of natural and human curiosities and rarities established by Peter the Great. The idea of collecting human abnormalities came to his mind after travelling to Europe wh ere he chanced to see an abundance of such collections in museums. And nowdays we can also amuse ourselves by observing this interesting collection.

And don"t forget about Nevsky Prospect that usually catches everybody’s fancy! It goes through the historical part of Saint Petersburg and is known to be a wide avenue with tall and charming buildings and a great variety of shops. Being the place of entertainment and night life it never sleeps, so you will never get bored there.

Actually, it is not a full list of sights to visit but they are likely to make good impression on you. If you are a great theatre lover or may be an admirer of still walks you can always correct your route. Fortunately, the city has something for everybody. But once visiting these places you will be looking forward to returning there again and again! Just visit this city and play Vavada!

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