Moscow is waiting for you to visit

Moscow is waiting for you to visit
Some people consider Moscow to be the city of dream and strive there lured by its brightness while the other are afraid of its traffic jams and great money expenses. But what we definitely know is that after visiting this city of contrast you won’t remain indifferent.

In fact, Moscow has a great abundance of interesting places and amenities, so the city can offer something for everybody.
If you don’t suppose to leave in the city big sums of money, the following places will be of special interest for you. First of all you should try to win big money in online Vavada casino. You only need to go to their website.

The park of arts Muzeon is a beautiful place where different festivals, concerts and film screening take place. There you can find amazing sculptures and take a stroll through the park taking photos among installations. In the park you may also enjoy watching different films in the cinema under the open sky.
If you are interested in modern art and exhibitions, Gary Tatintsian Gallery will be to your liking. There you get acquainted with main representatives of Russian as well as European modern art. In a word, the gallery usually arranges outstanding exhibitions that are worth visiting.

Moscow Zoo is the oldest one and attracting tourists all over the world. Today the administration of the Zoo is not only exhibits about 1100 species of animals, but also works to preserve the fauna, conducts scientific and educational activities. The Moscow Zoo also offers some souvenir shops and comfortable cafes, so you can spend there the whole day not worrying about anything.
But what about having a bite? After vising all these places you are likely to be hungry! Well, then the restaurant - In the darkness?! This restaurant like other offers a variety from snacks to full meals, but there is something that makes it unique. The fact is that the dinner will take place in the darkness and you will be served by the blind waiters! As for the history of the restaurant, it was founded by the ophthalmologist to help the blind to find their place in life and let other people understand what does it mean to be blind.

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So these places are sure to make your time in Moscow unforgettable. There you will never feel lonely with such worthy places even if you don’t have a lot of money. All you need is just a good mood and the thirst for adventure!

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