Getting acquainted with St. Petersburg

Getting acquainted with St. Petersburg
If you are visit this place first time it is strongly recommended to visit first of all the most important cultural attractions which are briefly described in this article.

Start your excursion with The State Museum of History of St. Petersburg - one of the biggest historical museums not just in St. Petersburg but throughout the country. Complex consists of the building and fortifications XVIII - early XX centuries. The impressive museum collection which is constantly replenished consists of for more than 2 millions unique items fr om the beginning to nowadays! You"ll be delighted.
Another great place - the State Russian Museum, a very big architectural and artistic complex solemnly placed in the historic center of city. And every architectural creation there fascinates the viewer.

Enjoying Vavada and exhibits of the Museum is a well idea for both children and adults who are interested in painting because there are presented superb samples of Russian painting in various techniques: drawings, ancient Russian icons, prints, decorative art, sculptures and unique collections of avant-garde all created from X to XXI century inclusive. Over time, the collection was supplemented with Soviet painting. The trip to St. Petersburg is hard to imagine without a visit to this famous place. Be sure that you will be impressed after the excursion.
For admirers of the outstanding Russian poet of 19th century Alexander Pushkin definitely is worth to see the Museum-apartment of A.S. Pushkin. Veritable place wh ere the mortally wounded in a duel poet spent his last days. Moreover, there based a museum dedicated to him, in which on display personal items of Pushkin and his family. Similar memorial museums have writer"s Block and Dostoevsky. If you still do not know the works of these writers, be sure to start!

But the list of interesting attractions of the city is not limited to these places, everyone can create a route to their liking. Amount of places awaiting tourists, so a vacation in Petersburg definitely will be intense and full of delight contemplating of beauty of ancient architecture.

St. Petersburg - beckoning, enthralling and inexhaustible, as the waters of the Neva River, rushing to the sea.

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