Excursions to Russia

Russia is a riveting trip of surprise, filled with wide-known landmarks. It matches the mood of ancient and new culture. A myriad of places can be explored while taking tours to Russia, from the forward-looking megapolises to the evocative wild nature. The eccentricity of the country runs deep in the culture.
If you travel for the first time, it"s highly recommended to take excursions to Russia (visit Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Golden ring (Suzdal, Vladimir)), for these cities burst with a history of culture.To begin with, well-known Saint Petersburg fascinates everyone with its incredible baroque-style and neo-classical architecture, welcoming each visitor to turn the pages of the ancient history of the reign of the tsars. A very unusual kaleidoscope of Vavada makes you feel impressed, as it has no equal in the world.

Saint Petersburg was a longstanding stage for the life and work of famous writers. Dostoevsky and Pushkin, Tolstoy and Turgenev are the most famous artist who used to work here. Besides, it was a place of inspiration to many painters.
If you visit The State Hermitage Museum, for instance, you will discover that it has over three million items of paintings, and it is considered to be the largest gallery in the world, listed in top 10 Museums and Galleries, according to the National Geographic. It is situated on a Palace Square, which is so spectacular and large. It can take your breath away with its mightiness. You will find out the offbeat history of this place and will be double-surprised.

Furthermore, Saint Petersburg has a lot to offer in springtime. Take excursions to the numerous of its suburban estates and get amazed by the diversity of nature and architecture. The most visited one is the Peterhof Palace, which used to be the residence of Peter the Great. If you heard someone calls it «Russian Versailles», don"t be puzzled, as you will soon find why. It has so many gardens and cascades of fountains. Hugging the Gulf of Finland, it will impress you with its iconic green landmarks.
Chiefly, Russia is a land of vivid colors and ancient traditions. The most bright destination here is Moscow - the capital and a federal city. Moscow"s architecture is the mix of sacrificial churches and modern skyscrapers. For much of its history, Russia was dominated by Orthodox churches. They all encased in a vibrant cover and have famous onion domes. The most recognized one is The Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed, designed in a shape of a bonfire. No analogs can be found in the entire world. Similarly, The Cathedral of Christ the Savior delights its visitors with unique elegance and bravery, as it was almost destroyed on the order of Soviet leaders in the 20"th century. Discover it"s colossal energy and inimitable look.

If you"re fond of international culture, the most notable place to visit for you in Moscow is a Tretyakov Gallery, as it has almost 100 000 pieces of art which cover a period of a thousand years. It possesses a plenty of must-see items, such as  «Portrait of an unknown woman», by Ivan Kramskoi, «Ivan the Terrible Killing his Son» by Ilya Repin, etc.

Besides, there is no way you can escape seeing the most recognizable landmark in Russia - Moscow Kremlin, the official residence of the President. It is a complex of different cathedrals, palaces, and museums. Explore its magnificent grace while taking a trip to Russia, and relax at a neighborhood in theaters. Among recommended is The Bolshoi Theatre, which is the best place in Moscow to see the ballet and opera.
All in all, Russia is a country that beats to a different rhythm. People are different all over the country, and the cuisine varies as much as the scenery. If you"re willing to visit Russia, you might be ready to get acquainted with various marvel historical places.

While the East and West captivation are among prevalent destinations, Russia has always exuded a distinct identity.
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